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The Petite Professionals Starter Kitchen

If your college kitchen was anything like mine, then the contents of your drawers and shelves probably mirror(ed) a Goodwill. From my junior year through my victory lap, my roommates and I accumulated hand-me-downs from our parents’ homes, resulting in a mish mosh of kitchen supplies. Combine that with our overuse, misuse, and general disregard for these items, and it’s no wonder that we were left with rusted whisks and half melted rubber spatulas.

When I packed up my house in Austin in August, I did so with an image of a clean start in Houston. I mean, I was on the precipice of my professional life, ready to embark upon my adult journey in this (kinda) new city. In other words, I gave away pretty much everything in my kitchen. Goodbye chipped mixing bowls, farewell incomplete set of measuring cups. I’ll remember you fondly, despite all of the disparaging remarks I just made about you.

Now that I’m in Houston, I’ve got a grace period before I move from my parents house into my Petite Professional apartment. And while I’ve spent most of my spare time pinning modern eclectic home decor to inspire my new living room, I figured it was about time that I start thinking about the nuts and bolts of this new operation– building my starter kitchen.

Below you’ll find my wish list of everything I consider essential in a single girl’s kitchen. I’m thinking quality basics with no clutter. Some of these items are on the pricy side, but considering how much I cook, this is an investment. If you see that I’ve made some glaring oversight, please leave a comment with your additions!

1. Dry measuring cups

2. Measuring spoons

3. Liquid measuring cups

4. Food scale

1. Baking sheet

2. Mixing bowls

3. Muffin tin

4. Nonstick saucepan

5. Kitchen utensils

6. Nonstick skillet

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