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September Things

Life is pretty good right now. There’s no one particular thing, person, event, or reason I can point to to explain my overall feeling of sublime contentedness, but I’m totally ok with it. Things just feel good right now, and I’m going to roll with that. Well, I’m going to roll with it and also reflect on it. Bookmarking the good stuff, you know? Here’s what’s been going on in the month of September.

watching: Scream Queens on FOX. I can’t decide if I love or even really like this show, but the cast is just so good that I can’t not watch.

listening: What A Time To Be Alive by Drake & Future. Just, yes. 2015 has been full of musical blessings, and this is certainly an additional one.

working: I got the chance to talk Snap Kitchen and healthy kids snacks live on KHOU this month. Being on TV is surreal and nerve-wracking and strange and fun. It’s one of the yummiest morsels of my job, even though it takes hours of prep and is over in 4 minutes or less.

playingTaste of the Nation came to Houston this year, and I was fortunate enough to be gifted a ticket so I could taste 30+ plates from some of the city’s best chefs, all while hanging out with my Houston Food Blogger Collective gals and raising awareness & funds for childhood hunger. Win, win, win, win.

sweating: Guys, after about a month off from working out, I’m BACK IN THE GAME. And by that I mean I’m spending my mornings at IX Innovations and I think they’re trying to kill me.

How was your September? Anything fun on deck for October? October is always the greatest. I can’t wait for October Things.

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