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Refrigerator Look Book

I am a really nosy person. And I don’t necessarily mean in the malicious or gossipy way, but more in that I like knowing people’s stories. When I’m out in public (especially if I’m waiting for public transportation), I’ll often pick out someone and make up a story for them in my head– where they’re from, where they’re going, why, for who, etc.

Now if I could read through their cell phone and verify the truth behind my imagined story, I’d be in hog heaven.

I do the same thing in the grocery store, peering into the baskets of those around me and, based on their produce and choice of cereal, try and imagine what their life at home is like. I think it’s this same curiosity (or creepiness, your call) that fuels my love for refrigerator look books. I like peering into people’s lives, by way of their fridges. So assuming that the fact that you’re here on my blog means we have similar interests, I’ve decided to invite you all into my fridge. You might want to bring a jacket. Har har har.

Two things:

1) I live with a roommate (who also happens to be a dietitian), so I will not label or lay claim to any of her food things.

2) Our fridge is not chock full. That’s because I work in a magical world where I don’t have to buy or cook my own food for many weekday meals. Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me.

1. Leftover Grain-Free Chocolate Chunk Cashew Butter Blondies

2. Strawberries from the farmers market; clementine; avocados (refrigerate once ripe to keep ’em around longer!)

3. Individual servings of Fage 0% Greek yogurt (I use these to make overnight oats for a quick breakfast)

4. Bacon.

5. Brussels sprouts from the farmers market

6. Dates and dried figs

7. Grass-fed beef and chorizo that I removed from the freezer to thaw overnight and blossom into beautiful meatballs

8. Yellow cauliflower; giant bag o’ chopped kale; sliced mushrooms; golden & red beets for roasting

1. Vital Farms eggs

2. Chameleon Cold-Brew (AKA my life force/work juice)

3. MALK Sweet Vanilla almond milk

4. Egg whites & Kerrygold butter

5. Tart cherry juice; salsa; cashew butter; almond butter; canned pumpkin

6. More salsa; dijon mustard; yellow mustard; chopped garlic; tomato sauce (for said meatballs)

x1. Frozen coffee grounds for my French press (stays fresher, longer)

2. Frozen veggies– chopped kale, sliced bell peppers, root veggie medley

3. So Delicious Mocha Almond Fudge bars

4. Frozen fruit– cherries, blueberries, mixed berries

5. Frozen bananas

6. Frozen meat– Applegate chicken apple sausage, Applegate turkey breakfast sausage, Applegate turkey burgers

7. Leftover Sweet Potato Crusted Kale & Bacon Egg Bake (recipe on the way!)

8. Leftover Simple Paleo Chili

1. Frozen chicken burrito; ground flaxseed; chia seeds

2. Da chocolate stash

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