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Petite Pointers: How To Make Your Fitness Routine Stick

Look around any health/wellness-related blog or website from December through January and you’ll find post upon post about fitness resolutions. Well, we’re now a quarter into the year (insane) and it’s time to evaluate our progress.

Not doing so hot on that goal you set to sweat consistently 2 or 3 or 4 or however many times a week? Let’s talk strategy…

  1. Find your thing. There’s no use in having a fitness routine you hate and, therefore, don’t do. Take what you know about yourself and use it to create your regimen. Whether you commit to a big, full service gym, online fitness videos, a private pilates/spin/Crossfit studio, outdoor boot camp, or intramural sports, make your activity something you love… Or at the very least like.
    • Tip: If you’re competitive, are motivated by others, or thrive in social situations, consider going the group class route. Or maybe you’re better off with freedom to stroll into the gym whenever you’d like, pop in your headphones, and tune out. To each his own!
    • Tip: It might take some time to find “your thing” and that’s ok. Take advantage of studios and gyms that offer free trials or your first class free. ClassPass is another economical way to date around in the field of fitness.
  2. Find your time. I recently learned that working out in the mornings really works for me. I’m a total morning person, so getting out of bed at 5:15AM isn’t terribly excruciating (and I am seriously motivated by my pre-workout meal) and I love to go about the rest of my day without a PM workout looming over my head. If reading the last two sentences made you want to e-spit in my face, then you might be an evening worker outer, and that’s ok too! Like I said, the worst workout routine is one that you don’t do and the best time to workout is whichever time you’ll actually do it.
  3. Track your progress/results. This goes 10x for anyone whose fitness routine is primarily focused on strength training. Strength training often results in muscle gain and fat loss, but the scale may only move one way– up. For this reason, it’s important to take progress pictures and measurements every 4-6 weeks. I’ve been tracking my results via progress photos (in a bikini…oy), circumference measurements, and body fat measurements taken every 4 weeks by my trainer. I make my own mental notes about how my clothes feel. And now my scale, which used to torment me, has a cozy little home in the back of my bathroom cabinet. Regardless of what type of workout you’re doing, take the time to benchmark how far you’ve come. The owner/trainer of my gym, James Dang, pretty much sold me when he said, “Why would you go to work if you didn’t get paid? The same applies with your results in the gym.” Get money, Petite Professionals.
  4. Make it a non-negotiable. If getting a workout in is a daily afterthought, or the first thing to drop off the moment you get busy(ish), then it’s going to be an uphill battle to make it stick. Shift your priorities around and simply make it work. Treat your time at the gym the same way you would a meeting or doctor’s appointment.
  5. Mix it up. Say a couple months go by, you’ve gotten into the swing of things, but it’s gotten stale. Now’s the time to go back to number 1 above and try something new!
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