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Petite Holiday Party Picks

Create a carefully curated holiday party spread with this round up. All of the recipes are flavorful, wholesome, and ideal for eating cocktail party style. Your guests will thank you for putting together an array of dishes that hit all of their taste buds, and doesn’t leave them feeling like Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

hearty: balsamic glazed meatballs

smoky: salmon dip (lighten by subbing in Greek yogurt for creme fraiche)

sweet & savory: mango pomegranate guacamole

light: cucumber rounds with herb cream cheese

chocolatey: pistachio coconut truffles

crunchy: gingerbread granola

fruity: raw fig and blackberry tart

sip tequila: mid-winter margarita

sip red wine & chocolate: red wine hot chocolate

For another RD holiday recipe round up, check out Min’s at MJ and Hungry Man!

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