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Outdoor Voices Fitness Apparel Wish List

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know I’ve been traveling for work. I traded in my mild Houston winter for sub-30 degree temps in Philadelphia, all in the name of Snap Kitchen and Philly cheese-steaks.

There are pros and cons to work trips.

Pros: exploring somewhere new; sleeping in a comfy hotel bed; disregarding normal daily chores, such as making said bed; spending your non-working hours in a fluffy hotel robe

Cons: utter destruction of any semblance of a routine you’ve built for yourself at home

As much as I’ve loved wandering the streets of Philly (even despite their cold), my natural inclination to be a homebody has me missing my H-Town day-to-day, including my gym and usual fitness routine. Don’t get me wrong, I could workout during this trip. I have my gear and a hotel gym, but something about the weather and being out of my element has me feeling extremely unmotivated.

One solution would be to pull a Nike and just do it, but I prefer the option of gleaning motivation from new workout clothes. And since my suitcase is already at a precarious 49.5 pounds, I’ll just have to do it from the comfort of my own Macbook.

Outdoor Voices is a relatively new brand based out of ATX/NYC that I’ve had a major IG crush on for awhile. I love their clean, simple aesthetic and the fact that their fitness apparel could easily take me through my weekend routine– wake up early, head to Tout Suite for blog work, errands, and then a quick workout before evening festivities.

Checking out their store is first on my to do list for my next Austin trip. Here’s what I’ll be on the lookout for.

Running Woman Sweats in Navy
Gradient Legging in Charcoal/Navy/Graphite
Two-Tone Warmup Legging (Ash & Graphite)
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