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My Whole30 What I Ate

Here’s just a taste (get it?!) of the meals that got me through my Whole30. Eating well definitely made the process a lot easier to get through, even with the added time (and money) spent in the grocery store and kitchen. Stay tuned for My Whole30: The Aftermath.

1: kale and sweet potato fried egg omelette

2: Snap Kitchen Moroccan Chicken Bowl

3: #notsaddesklunch– salad with pulled rotisserie chicken; cherries

4: baked salmon and roasted sweet potato salad

1: cinnamon apple omelette

2: Moroccan meatballsmashed cauliflowerrosemary butternut squash, kale salad

3: herb crusted pork tenderloin, roasted kabocha squash, avocado, roasted veggies

4: spaghetti squash pad thai, almond green beans, avocado

1: kale scramble, avocado, red cherries

2: #notsaddesklunch– Applegate Farms turkey burger over a green salad

3: gyoza meatballs, stir fried bok choy, roasted kabocha squash

4: turkey and cranberry meatballs, roasted butternut squash

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