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My Coffee Essentials

So I’m pretty obsessed with coffee. There’s kind of no other way to say it. I love the caffeine, I love the taste, I love the ritual, I love slow mornings on my couch with a mug & a magazine, and I love exploring coffeeshops in my own town and while traveling. I just love it. So when I say that my coffee station setup in my house is both highly intentional and intensely important to me, I’m not at all exaggerating.

My coffee essentials | The Petite Professional

The cool part about you guys is that we’re into the same stuff so I think/hope that you’ll find this little tour/shopping list of my coffee essentials interesting and helpful. If this isn’t your thing, I’m sorry and here are some cute pics of puppies.

Let’s get into all of the coffee-related things.

My coffee essentials | The Petite Professional
My coffee essentials | The Petite Professional
  • Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine: I bought this about two years ago when I moved into a small one bedroom apartment with limited kitchen counter space and I haven’t looked back since. I love its narrow profile and find that the espresso tastes so much better than the Keurig coffee I was drinking before. I make an Americano of sorts every morning and feel quite #fancy when I can have people over and offer them a shot of espresso.
  • Organic espresso podsNot only are these cheaper than Nespresso pods, they’re also organic and available from Amazon, like everything else I spend my money on.
  • Electric tea kettle: Using this electric kettle is so much quicker/easier/better than heating water on the stove and burning your hand as you pour it over matcha… Been there. I love the long neck, which allows for precise pouring and is just inexplicably enjoyable overall. I also love that its minimal appearance doesn’t create an eyesore on my kitchen counter.
  • Dandy Blend: As you might’ve noticed by the fact that this blog post exists, I have a serious thing for coffee. Left to my own devices, I’d have over 5 cups a day, if only for the ritual. Dandy Blend is a blend of roasted extracts of barley, rye, dandelion, chicory and beet roots that give you a coffee-like drink that’s totally caffeine free. (They use the water extracts of barley & rye, not the proteins, so the product is gluten free.) You simply blend with hot water, similar to instant coffee.
  • Vanilla Bean Grass-Fed Ghee: Every once in a while, I use coffee as part of my intermittent fasting routine or just get a hankering for a butter coffee/mocha. This vanilla bean blend makes it even better. My go-to recipe is 6-8oz coffee + 1 teaspoon ghee + 1 teaspoon MCT oil + 2 teaspoons cacao + 1 scoop collagen, all blended with a hand frother.
  • Ceremonial grade matcha: Not much to say here. I use my matcha to make matcha. I froth together 2 teaspoons matcha with 3oz hot water & 3oz almond milk for a drink that’s creamy but not too heavy.
  • The Neat Matcha Sticks: These are cute and great for on-the-go matcha drinking. Yummy and high quality.
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps & Chaga: Just another coffee product in my arsenal. This blend of coffee, chaga, and cordyceps gives me an awesomely smooth burst of energy with added clarity that I can feel.
  • Golde: I make golden milk at home by blending this mix of coconut, turmeric, and other organic botanicals with hot almond milk. It’s also a staple in all my morning smoothies.
  • Sun Potion AshwagandhaThis adaptogen is an Ayurvedic staple is often used for stress relief. I add 1/2 teaspoon to my coffee and/or smoothies (are you sensing a theme?) and think of it as my armor for the day.
  • Bulletproof MCT OilLike I said, when I’m dabbling with IF, I like starting my morning with a butter/Bulletproof coffee to help me get through the last few hours of my fast.
  • Wander Life Coconut CreamerI love this creamer because it’s dairy free, paleo-friendly, delicious, and portable. I double triple extra love it because it was created by Kat, an Austin-area girlboss. Yes, girl!
  • Marble pastry boardThis was a housewarming gift from a dear co-worker and I just couldn’t stand the idea of using it as a serving tray, therefore storing it in a drawer most of the time. Pro tip: use trays to define spaces on your countertop and other areas of your home to keep things from feeling cluttered.
  • Glass jars: Mine are from The Container Store but I can’t find them online so here are some similar ones!

not pictured:

  • Vital Proteins grass-fed collagen peptidesI keep a tub of this in my pantry and have a serving every. single. day. It’s my go-to protein source for my balanced smoothies and I love how frothy & rich it makes my coffee. Within a couple of weeks of using it daily, I started noticing how much stronger my nails were becoming, increased “bounce” in my skin, and my hair grew faster, and thicker. I can’t say enough good things about this stuff, for real.
  • Hand-held milk frotherMy right hand, my go to. This thing never goes back in the drawer ’cause I use it daily to blend almond milk & collagen into my daily cup(s) of coffee.
  • Coffee grinderI keep whole beans in my freezer and then grind ’em to use in my French press.
  • Stainless steel French press This French press rocks. First of all it’s huge, second of all it keeps the coffee hot. Great for slow mornings, or big groups. Also great for making French press cold brew overnight.
  • PitcherFor when you need to put that overnight French press cold brew in something.
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