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How To Host A Brunch Party

A couple months ago, I had the inclination to bring a handful of friends together to my place to celebrate the new year with a homemade brunch. This was one of those ideas that sounded really good at the time of inception, but resulted in a bit of a panic once it actually rolled around.

How was I going to fit 15 people in my tiny apartment?

How was I going to feed 15 people in my previously mentioned tiny apartment?

Why did I choose to do this just days after a 2 week work trip?

Do I have serving platters?

Do I need an ice bucket?

Why didn’t I get cold-pressed juice for the mimosas?!

Did I buy enough bacon? (No, the answer’s always no.)

So, yeah, I was a bit frazzled going into the event. But despite my bout of internal anguish, the party went off without a hitch, thanks to these best practices.

  1. Choose a mix of sweet & savory recipes.
  2. Select at least a few dishes that can be prepared the night before.
  3. Grocery shop with an organized list! I divide my list by section– produce, meat/dairy, aisles, & freezer and then add my ingredients to the list, recipe by recipe, so I’m sure that everything is listed.
  4. Opt for a baked egg dish. They’re perfect for large groups, plus they can be mixed together the night before and baked fresh the morning of.
  5. Use disposable plates, napkins, utensils, cups, etc. I got all this cuteness from Paper Source at 20% off thanks to one of their periodic e-coupons!
  6. Arrange the spread with what you have the most of (fruit salad) to what you have the least of (bacon & muffins). That way, your guests will fill up their plate with your most bountiful dish, leaving just a bit of room for what you might be scant in.
  7. Find a way to label the dishes you’re serving so you’re not having to explain yourself all brunch long. I used labels made from torn up grocery bags stuck with washi tape.
  8. Drink selection should include 1) water, 2) coffee, 3) some sort of brunch libation. I chose to go with mimosas with two types of juice– orange & grapefruit– and several of my dear friends brought champagne as well. I opted for a bottled cold-brew coffee from Starbucks so I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping hot coffee hot.


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