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An integral part of being a twenty-something is doing some serious self-exploration, as it’s a time of incredible transformation and incredible self-absorption. As I’ve transitioned from college student to young professional, I’ve spent a lot of time being introspective. Most of this takes place in the shower, or in the kitchen, or right before bed, or as I write a blog post, thinking about myself thinking about myself.

Anyway, something I’ve realized about myself is that I am exceedingly impatient. I’m the human embodiment of the now viral saying “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Ain’t nobody got time to sit in traffic on 610, ain’t nobody got time for The Mindy Project to buffer on Hulu, ain’t nobody got time to wait for a table at this season’s trendy restaurant. That last one is major. I’m an exceedingly impatient person in general, but when it comes to waiting for food, I am painstakingly exceedingly impatient.

For this reason, being able to make reservations through is an absolute lifesaver. Making an online reservation is clutch, as it helps me seamlessly go from Yelp review, to restaurant website and online menu, to my name on a prime table at 7:30PM on Friday or 11:30AM for Sunday brunch.

And the latter is just what I did at Corner Table a few weeks ago, folks.

If you’re unfamiliar, Corner Table is a restaurant in Upper Kirby, with about half of its menu dedicated to paleo dishes. The chef, Ja’Nel Witt, was the winner of Hell’s Kitchen in 2013. Double cool, right?

I’d actually already been to Corner Table for dinner (highly recommend the Paleo Spaghetti & Meatballs (perhaps the best turkey meatballs I’ve ever had served with tomato sauce over spaghetti squash). But when my family was trying to decide on a place to eat Sunday brunch, I knew I had to introduce them. My dad has gotten pretty into eating like a caveman since seeing incredible results (weight loss, reversal of arthritis symptoms) after doing a Whole30 with me.

  Once we sat down, his eyes immediately went to the Paleo Coconut Pancakes, while I was in the mood for savory and opted for the Paleo Frittata (dupe recipe for this to come)!

  My mother and sister aren’t into the whole paleo thing. They shared a Fig & Cheese Salad, followed by a Cardamom Spiced Stuffed French Toast from the “traditional” half of the menu.

  For the Siegels, Corner Table is a winner, which is saying a lot for our four vastly different palates. We enjoyed the varied (but not overwhelming) menu, the choice of going paleo or traditional, and the overall atmosphere, which allowed for a very laid back Sunday morning.

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