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Cinnamon Honey Vanilla Bean Ice Cubes

One of the most grown up things I’ve done since, well, becoming a grown up is stocking my bar cart. I remember it like it was yesterday… (It helps that it less than 6 months ago.)

I was on my way to a spin class at RYDE when I became suddenly and inexplicably inspired to step up my bar cart game. Sure, I had bottles of wine and a variety of glassware filling its shelves, but there was no real bar to speak of. So I made a quick pitstop at Richard’s and decided to get the prettiest bottles of tequila, gin, and whiskey I could find.

Are there better ways to select liquor than that? If so, LMK.

Anyway, I happened upon this bottle of whiskey I’d never heard of called Clyde May’s. Now, whiskey is sort of a new venture for me, and it’s one I really enjoy but know nothing about. All I know is that I liked the bottle, I bought it, and I’ve really liked drinking it. You’d probably like drinking it too.

I’ve made my way through most of the bottle with simple splashes poured over rocks (that’s what sophisticated drinkers call ice), but again, it was time to elevate the game. Cue a purchase of these fancy shmancy ice cube molds.

Next came the ingenious idea for these cubes, which add a subtle spiced sweetness for very few additional calories. Enough talking, right? On to the recipe!

* Recipe *


  • PREP TIME: 5 mins
  • COOK TIME: 12 hours
  • TOTAL TIME: 12 hours 5 mins 
  • Serves: 12-14 cubes


  • 4 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 vanilla beans, scraped
  • 2 tablespoons honey


  1. Stir the cinnamon, vanilla bean seeds, and honey into the water and pour the mixture into the ice cube molds, leaving ⅕ inch at the top.
  2. Freeze overnight.
  3. Place 1-2 ice cubes in a tumbler glass and 2-3 ounces of whiskey (preferably Clyde May’s) over them.
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