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A Day In The Life Of A Registered Dietitian

Some FAQ:

  • Wait, what’s your job title?
  • So what do you do exactly?
  • What does your day-to-day look like?

You might already know that I work for Snap Kitchen, a healthy takeaway restaurant chain, but for most people I come into contact with, their familiarity with my chosen career path ends there. And, to be fair, my job is a pretty unusual one, especially compared to the more traditional field of dietetics.

Let me cover my bases:

  • My official title is RD/LSM, or Registered Dietitian/Local Store Marketing, for Snap Kitchen’s Houston market
  • Broadly speaking, I provide internal nutrition education, help execute our seasonal menu changes, produce nutrition-related content, manage Houston-area brand partnerships, catering, and local events/community outreach
  • My days are never the same, which is what keeps me energized at work (and totally dependent on my color-coded Outlook calendar). I spend it bopping around between my office, our stores, our central kitchen, meetings, and external events like Lunch & Learns.

You could say I wear a few hats, and as long as none of them are of the cowboy variety (not my jam), I’m cool with it.

Because my job is so (good) weird, I thought it’d be fun to take you through “a day in the life,” a phrase which probably insinuates a lot more glamor than is deserved, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Here’s how Monday, January 4th went.

5:45AM: wake up

I’m an early bird by nature, waking up with a clear mind, ready to do some pre-work work. This morning I finally sent out my barkTHINS giveaway, wrote a bit for TPP, and planned my blog/fitness/social week out in my planner!

7:00AM: breakfast + get dressed

One of the benefits of getting up before the sun is having plenty of time for a luxurious breakfast, which sets the tone for the rest of my day. Plus, since most of my meals are eaten out of a plastic box (more on that to come), it’s nice to cook for myself once in awhile.

Other common breakfasts for me include overnight oatsgreen smoothies, or I grab something at work if I’m particularly busy.

8:00AM – 5:00PM: work

As expected, the first Monday of January (and my first day back from a week-long vacation) was a busy one! I spent my day…

  • Consulting two football players that are training for the Combine at one of our partner gyms, IX Innovations.
  • Grabbing a quick coffee & answering a couple emails at a local coffeeshop before…
  • Heading over to the Med Center, where I scoped out the venue for a large event we’re catering in late January
  • Went back to my office for…
    • FOOD. Chicken & Sesame Chopped Salad plus a square of 72% Ghiradelli chocolate for good measure
    • More computer stuff– coordinating schedules for events, answering donation requests, making travel arrangements for my trip to Philly, responding to requests for corporate discounts, submitting catering orders for this week’s external events, etc. If only typing counted as cardio…
    • The creation of meal plans for the rest of the incoming Combine athletes! I don’t make many custom meal plans these days, but when I do, the calorie goal is normally pretty low. Building giant 2K+ calorie meal plans for these super active, super muscular dudes is so fun.

5:30PM – le gym

Back to IX Innovations (with my baby sis in tow!) to get my butt kicked post-NYE. Being a classically Type A dietitian, it aways feels good to get back into my regular routine. I’m most myself when I exercise regularly, plus it improves the ease and quality of my sleep x a milli.

7:00PM – dinner + Bachelorette + chocolate covered strawberries

My little sister came over for a classic girls’ night– a little blog work during dinner (Grilled Kale Hoppin’ John with extra kale and a drizzle of truffle oil), the season premier of The Bachelor (which I found a little snoozy), and homemade chocolate covered strawberries (which I found a lot delicious).

9:30PM – shower + book + bed!

Ever since I started working my big girl job, my pleasure reading has plummeted. I made a very modest goal of reading 12 books this year, 1 per month. I’m currently checking out a couple samples on my Kindle (A Little Life and The Girl on the Train) but please leave your recommendations in a comment!

Welp, that’s it! Let me know if you like these posts and reading more about my professional slash personal life. Or should I cut the boring stuff and post a “What I Eat in a Day,” a la many other food blogs? Leave it in the comments!

Happy day, Petite Professionals!

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