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Mike Potowski and Seth Siegel-Gardner

Aces of taste Chef Mike Potowski Of Benjys

Last Thursday, I sat down to one of the best meals I’ve had since moving back to Houston. Let me set the scene for you: …

whole30 diet

My Whole30: The Aftermath

I concluded my first Whole30 on August 5th. Since then, I’ve been maintaining a Whole30-esque diet if and when I can, making exceptions on occasion, …

my whole360 ate

My Whole30 What I Ate

Here’s just a taste (get it?!) of the meals that got me through my Whole30. Eating well definitely made the process a lot easier to get …


How To Get Back On Track Post-Vacation

If you even so much as glanced at my San Diego recap, you already know that my favorite way to explore a new city is by mouth. This …

how to enjoy cooking

How To Enjoy Cooking

Cooking is many different things to many different people. It’s a job, a career, a hobby, a passion, a chore, a fear, a joke. Some …

san diego travel

Petite Travels San Diego

DAY 1: TRAVEL DAY The day got off to a bit of a rough start. I worked a hurried half day and then headed to …

super busy

Healthy In Houston Corner Table

An integral part of being a twenty-something is doing some serious self-exploration, as it’s a time of incredible transformation and incredible self-absorption. As I’ve transitioned …


Petite Holiday Party Picks

Create a carefully curated holiday party spread with this round up. All of the recipes are flavorful, wholesome, and ideal for eating cocktail party style. …


Petite Picks 2

1. Winter squash is my jam, and so is this salad. ( 2. Hold up, one more salad. ( 3. #givepresence ( 4. How to bounce back after a binge. ( …

healthier snacks to keep on desk

20 Healthier Snacks To Keep At Your Desk

Hardly a day that passes that I’m not hungry between lunch and dinner around 3 or 4 pm. As a student, I often had the …


Food Specialist

Hey, I’m Claire. I’m a 20-something registered dietitian with a penchant for real food (ft. lots of veggies), accented by the occasional wine-fueled night out with girlfriends. The Petite Professional is where I document my journey to master the balancing act, hoping that I can help you do the same along the way. Read More…

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