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About Claire

I’m Claire.

I entered the world of blogging with The Slender Student, a site geared toward the health and fitness of college students. I started TSS after I packed on 10 pounds during my semester abroad in Spain, which wasn’t a good look or feeling for anyone, let alone a nutrition major. I returned to Austin that fall with a catchy domain and plenty of recipes, nutrition tips, and workout ideas in tow.

During my two years as The Slender Student, I hosted a handful of TSS speaking events, wrote my senior thesis on the effectiveness of online weight loss programs, and began my dietetic internship in a Coordinated Program while running my victory lap. (I won’t mention my numerable trips to Sixth Street, sorority formals, and greasy Sunday brunches. Let’s just say that I’m a big proponent of balance.)

But then everything changed.

I graduated and I got a job as the registered dietitian for arguably the coolest company ever, Snap Kitchen. And thus began my  transition from The Slender Student to The Petite Professional.

Let’s be clear, more has changed than my domain and day job. My approach to food and nutrition has shifted, as well. On The Slender Student, I focused on keeping everything super low calorie, which often meant leaning on artificial sweeteners, processed ingredients, and low fat recipes. I’ve since developed a different view on food, with a greater focus on nutrient dense calories with a purpose. While this means that many of my recipes will be higher in calories than their Slender Student predecessors, they’ll also contain more essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Most importantly, everything will still taste good.

On TPP I’ll still be sharing my food and fitness ideas, but this time with a young professional’s lifestyle in mind. We’re talking make ahead recipes, efficient workouts that fit the 9-5 grind, strategies for eating and drinking to stay petite, and much, much more.

If you’re an OG reader from TSS, I’d like to thank you for sticking with me. If you’re a novice, thanks for coming and I hope you stay awhile.

Above photos by Visual Artistry Productions.